Viet Nam: combating climate change and assisting farmers

The farming sector is the backbone of the Vietnamese national economy.  Consequently the Agriculture Ministry of Viet Nam has initiated a programme where their primary focus is on combatting the present & future effects of climate change, and assisting farmers.

Part of the programme involves the planting of mangroves  forests along river systems in order to deal with frequent tidal surges resulting from climate change.  Mangroves forests provide an added natural protection to flooding and provide a safe haven for small aquatic animals. The Vietnamese government is very serious in its intent and is investing 120 million dollars in this plan as well as inviting investments from international donors and NGOs.  

The Ministry is also assisting farmers with their crops, requesting they adjust their crops to suit the changing weather.  They are encouraging farmers to use hardier crop seeds that will withstand harsh conditions like drought or salinity.   Vietnam has been of one the hardest struck countries in the world as a result of climatic change.  Read more about this initiative. 



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