Farmers and climate change

Two articles that look at the issue of how farmers are trying to adapt to harsher climatic conditions.

The first one highlights the situation in Kenya and the second one looks at the situation from a global stand:


Climate change is being felt in Kenya. Due to high temperatures and little rainfall, the production of maize (used for the preparation of the popular dish of maize meal) has dropped, and Kenyans may be soon forced to look for alternatives.

“If measures are not taken to develop highly drought resistant maize variety, production will drop significantly in the next 10 years” says Lilian Njeri, a maize breeder at the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI).

However maize isn’t the only crop that is important to Kenyan farmers; potato crops are also experiencing the effects of the harsher climate. Read more.


Where greater extremes of harsh climates will be more common, farmers are trying to find ways of adapting through means of crop management and tougher varieties. Read more


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