Two stories from Uganda

Today we have come across two interesting stories from Uganda.

Uganda will host Africa’s first honey show. The “ApiExpo Africa” will be held in October and will provide an opportunity for African bee farmers to display their products, knowledge and find new export markets, particularly in Europe.
Jurua Jackson of the Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO), said investing in bee- keeping was cost-effective and could be an avenue that many farmers should consider. “It is time for people to think about investing in this sector because one does not require huge start -up capital and it is not labour intensive. The profits are good. For example, a kilogramme of honey costs sh5,000.” Read more

A wild, neglected plant that grows in the country fields of Uganda is becoming known as the “the diesel plant”. Seeds from the Jatropha carcus, are used as fuel for lamps, cooking and running generators. It seems that the earning potential of Jatropha seeds is very good. A mature Jatropha tree can produce three kilos of seeds annually and continues to yield for up to 40 years. An acre of land can take up to 1,000 trees of Jatropha. The Jatropha tree is very easy to grow, needs very little maintenance and can thrives quite well in harsh conditions – good reasons as to why farmers and bioenergy firms are beginning to take more notice of this neglected species. Interested in reading more? Click here.


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One Response to Two stories from Uganda

  1. paul says:

    Thanks Maria

    Maybe you would like to also have a look here for some more informnation on Jatropha

    – From the GFU database “about underutilized species”

    – From the Archive of GFU’s feature stories:
    Potential boom for biofuels in Tanzania?

    Hope you enjoy them

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