Climate change film contest

Interested in producing mini films on social or environmental issues?  Well the World Bank film contest is for you.

The contestants are requested to submit a 2-5 minute documentary film highlighting the social consequences of climate change in the following categories:

  • Conflict: As climate change results in scarcity of resources and economic and, in many cases, political instability, how may it lead to social unrest and armed conflict?
  • Migration: Are there any links between climate change and population migration?
  • Social Policy: How do governments prepare effective social policy to meet climate change challenges?
  • Drylands: What is the social response in drylands related to climate change?
  • Urban Space: How do climate change adaptation measures take into account the needs of the poor in the urban environment?
  • Rural Institutions: How do local level institutions in agrarian societies build capacity to handle risks associated to climate change and deliver solutions?
  • Indigenous Peoples: How are Indigenous Peoples responding and adapting to the impacts of climate change?
  • Gender: Are there different implications of climate change for men and women, boys and girls?  How or where can instances of this be seen?
  • Governance: How can social accountability be promoted in climate action?
  • Forests: What are the threats and opportunities for local communities in efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation?
  • Human Rights: What are the human rights implications of climate change?
    The contest is opened until the 24th October 2008.  So far, some 9 documentaries have been submitted. Click here to see the listing. So dust off those cameras and get going!

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2 Responses to Climate change film contest

  1. Gemma Smith says:

    I am interested in the short film contest on climate chnage that the World Bank ran and would like to find out who the entrants were and where I can view their films. thank you for your help, G. Smith

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