Social networking and scientific publishing

Heidi Allen has a thought-provoking post on the role of social networking in scientific publishing on her blog. She highlights the role of social networking activities such as blogging and Twitter in establishing and maintaining reputations and influence, and quotes a ‘tweet’ from Jemima Kiss of the Guardian Newspaper:

“Clicked on link + page asks for subscription = close page + go to another site. Conclusion: Not good business model.”

This is very much in line with the thinking behind the CGIAR’s efforts to promote freer access to the information and knowledge generated by the centres and their partners, in particular through the AAA framework being promoted by the ICT-KM programme.

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One Response to Social networking and scientific publishing

  1. Thanks Paul for this interesting post. Indeed the availability of technologies is changing the way we do business. The ICT-KM program has been promoting and supporting the blending of technological innovations and knowledge sharing methodologies for a user-centered approach to doing research in the CGIAR. Libraries and library-like services have powered agricultural information and knowledge sharing for decades. In a ‘googling’ world, however, information and knowledge sharing are often seen as a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ skillset, users have at their finger tips tools to collaborate, communicate, create content, share it, publish it…this is a new paradigm that we need to be aware of and support. Our job is to support the creativity of researchers and ensure that the agricultural knowledge is on virtual shelves where we can all gain access to it, and enabling easy harvesting and communication so it can be put to use in the village, on the ground, in the lab, or across the negotiating table. Our AAA framework helps this process.

    Enrica Porcari
    Chief Information Officer, CGIAR

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