All you ever wanted to know about Open Access

I came across OASIS this morning, a ‘portal’ that aims to provide various audiences with information relevant to them on Open Access.

The site “aims to provide a complete ‘sourcebook’ on Open Access, covering the concept, principles, advantages, approaches and means to achieving it, developments and initiatives around the world, with links to all additional resources and information that could be useful.”

So far the site has information pages for researchers, librarians, publishers, and institutional managers and policy makers. Pages for ‘the public’ and students and yet to be developed.

There are some oddities in the information presented. For example, under the ‘researchers’ category, the page on ‘Open Access Journals’ discusses the business model and some of the background, but provides no link to a site that lists Open Access journals — which I think would have been one of the first things I would be looking for as a researcher interested in Open Access. Yet there is a link to the Directory of Open Access Journals on the page ‘Support and Implementation of Open Access’ under the ‘librarians’ category. (I just tried the link, and it didn’t take me to the DOAJ page, but to a sign-in page for the wiki behind the OASIS portal — very strange!)

Still, I think this is a useful resource for anyone interested in Open Access and especially for those trying to make a case for Open Access publishing in their own institution — lots of information gathered in one place always helps!

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