Meat eating and climate change

Here’s an amusing article but with an important message from Alex Renton from the the Times On-line website.

The author argues that if we made even a small reduction in the amount of meat we eat,  we would make a solid contribution to reducing our carbon foot-print and assist in slowing down climate change.  Some of the figures he states are quite alarming:

<quote>  Meat consumption in China is twice what it was a decade ago, although at about 50g per head a year it is still much less than in richer nations. In Britain we eat 74kg per person, while Americans consume 123kg each. In India they eat about 5kg per year, in most of Africa even less. <unquote>

Renton then provides us with some information on how much actually goes into a meal based dish.  <quote>   It takes roughly 10kg of vegetable matter or cereals to produce 1kg of beef, which means that the resources for one meat-eater’s dinner might feed five times as many people, or more. <unquote>

Read the full article here.


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