FAO World Food Summit begins

Today and for the next two days (16-18th Nov), topics such as food security, hunger and governance will be on the agenda in Rome at the World Food Summit being held at FAO.

The key challenges for this summit include:

* To put in place a more coherent and effective system of governance of food security at both national and international levels.

* To make sure developing countries have a fair chance of competing in world commodity markets and that agricultural support policies do not unfairly distort international trade.

* To agree on more effective mechanisms for early reaction to food crises.

* To find ways to ensure that farmers in both developed and developing countries can earn incomes comparable to those of secondary and tertiary sector workers in their respective countries.

To learn more about the Summit, click here.   Or, follow the Summit in real time via IISD reporting services or Twitter


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2 Responses to FAO World Food Summit begins

  1. David says:

    You might be interested in this article “Focusing food security efforts where they are needed”
    which describes a project to classify agriculture so as to allow prioritization of research and development that will boost food security. It also has links to other articles on food security.

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