Latest papers by Bioversity scientists (Nov. 2009)

Just in time for your weekend reading, here are a selection of the latest research papers authored by our scientists.  Three papers are available as open access, so are available in full-text.   Enjoy!

Chaves, N.P.; Pocasangre, L.E.; Elango, F.; Rosales, F.E.; Sikora, R.(2009) Combining endophytic fungi and bacteria for the biocontrol of Radopholus similis (Cobb) Thorne and for effects on plant growth. Scientia Horticulturae v.122 (3): p. 472-478 ISSN:0304-4238


Davey, M.W.; Graham, N.S.; Vanholme, B.; Swennen, R.; May, S.T.; Keulemans, J.(2009)    Heterologous oligonucleotide microarrays for transcriptomics in a non-model species; a proof-of-concept study of drought stress in Musa. BMG Genomics 10: article nr. 436 ISSN:1471-2164     OPEN ACCESS PAPER


De Capdeville, G.; Souza Junior, M.T.; Szinay, D.; Diniz, L.E.C.; Wijnker, E.; Swennen, R.; Kema, G.H.J.; De Jong, H.(2009)  The potential of high-resolution BAC-FISH in banana breeding. Euphytica v.166 (3): p. 431-443 ISSN:0014-2336    OPEN ACCESS PAPER


Dochez, C.; Speijer, P.R.; De Schutter, B.; Dubois, T.; Tenkouano, A.; De Waele, D.; Ortiz, R.(2009)  Host plant resistance and tolerance of Musa landraces and hybrids to nematode infestation. Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics Suppl. 92: p. 137-153 ISSN:1612-9830   OPEN ACCESS PAPER


Dulloo, E.; Ebert, A. W.; Dussert, S.; Gotor, E.; Astorga, C.; Vasquez, N.; Rakotomalala, J.J.; Rabemiafara, A.; Eira, M.; Bellachew, B.; Omondi, C.; Engelmann, F.; Anthony, F.; Watts, J.; Qamar, Z.; Snook, L.(2009)  Cost efficiency of cryopreservation as a long-term conservation method for coffee genetic resources. Crop Science 49 (6): p. 2123-2138 ISSN:0011-183X


Hermann, M.(2009)  The impact of the European Novel Food Regulation on trade and food innovation based on traditional plant foods developing countries. Food Policy v. 34: p. 499-507 ISSN:0306-9192


Pandey; M.; Geburek, T.(2009)  Genetic differences between continuous and disjunct populations: some insights from sal (Shorea robusta Roxb.) in Nepal. Conservation Genetics Online first article: 10.1007/s10592-009-9940-y ISSN:1566-0621 (Print)


Wang, Q.C.; Panis, B.; Engelmann, F.; Lambardi, M.; Valkonen, J.(2009) Cryotherapy of shoot tips: a technique for pathogen eradication to produce healthy planting materials and prepare healthy plant genetic resources for cryopreservation. Annals of Applied Biology V. 154: p. 351-363 ISSN:0003-4746


About Bioversity Library

Maintained by staff at Bioversity International Library, this blog aims to provide readers with updates on new information resources within the field of plant genetic resources (PGR), agrobiodiversity and conservation; [with a little fun thrown in as well].
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