New journal launched: World Agriculture

Via the FARM-Africa blog we’ve have had the good fortune to learn about the launch of a new independent journal, “World Agriculture: problems and potential” which was launched at the beginning of this month

The Editors of the journal have outlined very clearly what are the function and objectives are of this journal:

“The journal will publish peer-reviewed articles giving clear, unbiased and factual accounts of development in, or affecting world agriculture. Articles will intepret the influence of related subjects (including climate, forestry, fisheries and human population , economics transmissible disease, ecology) on these developments.”

Some of the issues that this first issue discusses and highlights include:  Agricultural development: is it still relevant for Sub-Saharan Africa?; Contract farming systems in Uganda; and Fish farming in Africa.

World Agriculture will be a quarterly publication and we also assume an open access journal (it’s not specifically outlined from the website). To view this journal please click here.


About Bioversity Library

Maintained by staff at Bioversity International Library, this blog aims to provide readers with updates on new information resources within the field of plant genetic resources (PGR), agrobiodiversity and conservation; [with a little fun thrown in as well].
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2 Responses to New journal launched: World Agriculture

  1. Gewinnen says:

    hi there
    i’m so happy that i saw this blog. that posting was so nice. thanks again i signed up to this website.
    are you planning to write similar articles?

    • Bioversity Library says:

      Dear Dr. Mohammed Mohiuddin,

      Please note that this journal is not published by Bioversity. We, however did check their website and it mentions that:
      “Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor by electronic mail, with the address of:

      Best regards,

      Bioversity Library


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