Maximising research impact: Open access workshop at Bioversity

Bioversity International Library and the CGIAR  Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property (CAS-IP) are holding a workshop that will focus on open access issues, and maximising research impact.

  • How to maximize the visibility of research publications and improve the quality, impact and influence of research?
  • How to disseminate the research results in the most efficient way?
  • How to demonstrate the quality of our research?
  • What are the new tools to better measure and manage the research in the centre?

The workshop intends to explore open access as a tool to answer the above questions, and show scientists its economic, social and educational benefits to make research outputs as available and widely distributed as possible without financial, legal and technical restraints. A discussion session will offer participants the chance to discuss concerns and difficulties they may have.


Session 1: Open Access – background

What is Open Access? Available tools and their benefits to research (Francesca Re Manning CGIAR CAS-IP))

Current situation within the CGIAR system (Tania Jordan and Antonella Pastore, CGIAR ICT/KM Programme)

Session 2: legal aspects

Copyright: licensing open access content (Francesca Re Manning CGIAR CAS-IP))

From Free Culture to Open Data: Creative Commons (Melanie Dulong de Rosney, Institute of Information Law, University of Amsterdam)

Open discussion

Session 3:  Setting up and the tools

What you need to know before you start: strategic planning (Francesca Re Manning, CAS-IP))

Building and maintaining digital repositories: challenges and technical issues (Maria Garruccio, Bioversity)

Open Discussion

Session 4: Technical aspects

Technical Requirements, Repository Software, Repository Services (Alma Swan. E-Prints; School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK.  )

Questions & Answers

Practical steps and future planning

The workshop will be held at Bioversity International headquarters in Rome, tomorrow the 7th July.


About Bioversity Library

Maintained by staff at Bioversity International Library, this blog aims to provide readers with updates on new information resources within the field of plant genetic resources (PGR), agrobiodiversity and conservation; [with a little fun thrown in as well].
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3 Responses to Maximising research impact: Open access workshop at Bioversity

  1. stevanharnad says:


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  2. Bioversity Library says:

    Tania Jordan of the CGIAR ICT/KM Programme has written up a great summmary of the Workshop day:

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