Video: Unlocking the secrets of crop wild relatives

A new video about crop wild relatives and their importance to agricultural biodiversity and climate change adaptation is now available for viewing on the Crop Wild Relatives Global Portal.

What are Crop Wild Relatives?

In very general terms, Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) can be defined as wild plant species that are more or less genetically related to crops, but unlike them, have not been domesticated. In other words CWR are all those species found growing in the wild that to some degree are genetically related to food, fodder and forage crops, medicinal plants, condiments, ornamental and forestry species used by humankind.




About Bioversity Library

Maintained by staff at Bioversity International Library, this blog aims to provide readers with updates on new information resources within the field of plant genetic resources (PGR), agrobiodiversity and conservation; [with a little fun thrown in as well].
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