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Are agricultural researchers working on the right crops to enable food and nutrition security under future climates?

This study examined how crop-specific agricultural research investments can be prioritised to anticipate climate change impact on crops and to enable the production of more nutritious food. We used a simple crop modelling approach to derive expected future changes in … Continue reading

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New publication reveals that farmers are the best source for conservation practices

How do we conserve the amazing diversity of tropical fruit trees in a way that brings benefits to the people who look after them? Why don’t we ask the farmers? That’s exactly what the researchers and editors of the latest … Continue reading

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A busy month for Nutrition: major conferences and inaugural report

This month has seen a flurry of activity focusing on human nutrition.  IFPRI has recently released the 2014 Global Nutrition Report, and two major conferences are scheduled. IFPRI’s 2014 Global Nutrition Report provides a comprehensive narrative and analysis on the … Continue reading

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NUS species in the spotlight

Next week in Accra, Ghana, The 3rd International Conference on: Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS): for a Food-Secure Africa will be held from the 25-27 September. The programme will be of great interest to researchers working in this field, and … Continue reading

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Nature review: Emerging fungal threats to animal, plant and ecosystem health

Nature | Review Emerging fungal threats to animal, plant and ecosystem health Matthew C. Fisher,1 Daniel. A. Henk,1 Cheryl J. Briggs,2 John S. Brownstein,3 Lawrence C. Madoff,4 Sarah L. McCraw5 & Sarah J. Gurr5 Nature, Volume: 484, Pages: 186–194, Date … Continue reading

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Bioversity video: Tropical fruits in Asia (and not only)

Many of our readers may not be aware that Bioversity scientists and staff are increasingly using video clips to communicate, and disseminate information about their research projects and initiatives. Project sites and stories told by farmers and partners involved in … Continue reading

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Agriculture & food policies have a vital role in improving health and well-being

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs has recently published an interesting report titled “Bringing Agriculture to the Table: How Agriculture and Food Policy can Play a Role in Preventing Chronic Disease ” (PDF – 2.52MB) The report is principally concerned … Continue reading

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